“Sue helps me to feel confident with where I am at in terms of the development of the business. If I’d done this on my own I wouldn’t be anywhere near as clear as to the direction I want to take the business.” Nicola Jupp, Founder, Talent Gateway.

Recognising that organisations need skilled employees to develop their businesses, but often a full time permanent employee isn’t what is required, Nicola set up Talent Gateway to support professionals looking to achieve a work-life balance through more flexible employment opportunities. Talent Gateway’s typical client is an entrepreneurial small or medium-sized business with whom they work to match them to the right part time, freelance, interim or outsourced solution – introducing them to candidates who can deliver the skills they need without necessarily being in the office on a full time basis.

When Sue Yates met Nicola in 2013, she was working out how to build the business further after a successful start, but was struggling to make time to work on the business, rather than simply in it. To grow, Nicola recognised that she needed both clarity of thought to develop the strategy, as well as access to funding and pragmatic guidance, to support her in the challenge of growing the business without developing a large and cumbersome infrastructure around her.

“Sue is straight talking and I like that. She is very different to me and the balance works. She doesn’t tell me what to think, she draws out my own views with very thoughtful questions.”

Through coaching Sue is supporting Nicola in developing a flexible business model, providing her with a thought-provoking, supportive, yet occasionally challenging environment in which she can explore business growth strategies. As a result Talent Gateway is now recruiting for a member of staff to support Nicola and allow her to focus on building the business. And, as a new recruitment business, Sue Yates Personnel is also providing support and expert guidance to ensure Talent Gateway operates as effectively as possible.

“It’s been a very subtle process, I am almost not aware that I am being coached but afterwards I look back and realise how much progress has been made in the conversation.”   Nicola Jupp

“I have a very corporate background and have always assumed that I approach things in a very process-oriented way. Having spent some time being coached by Sue though I’ve realised that actually I am not like that at all and it’s something I need to work on! As well as recruiting a member of staff, Nicola’s vision for the business now also includes hiring a flexible team from within the pool of talent she is currently placing with client businesses, enabling Nicola to provide her clients with a model of how a flexible business can be run.”

“Helping talented people get their business off the ground is a fundamental part of what we do. We provide expert support and act as a sounding board to help small businesses make sound decisions.” Sue Yates