“Sue Yates has changed the whole energy of the place, empowered staff and transformed people’s lives. I am 100% happy and so is the business.”
Marc Boyd, Director, Taylor Nash Ltd.

The company enjoyed significant and rapid growth in the marketplace until the difficult times of the financial crash. The Automotive sector took a direct hit and along with that went a significant proportion of Taylor Nash’s client base.

Director Marc Boyd, explains,

“It was make or break; the crash made us re-invent our wheel or go under. We worked hard to streamline and realign the business, reassessing where we were at. “We did this successfully and growth continued until we realised we had reached a plateau and something was missing in our approach that was holding us back.”

Taylor Nash needed a new, fresh approach to its business and the people in it. Sue Yates Personnel started with some simple questions; what is the growth agenda? how can we develop your people to deliver this? how can we innovate and empower?

“When you get the management thinking and show them the way, everything is possible.”

Sue Yates worked closely with both the management and staff to refresh their thinking about the business; open up new potential through Growth Accelerator; put in place proper systems, policies and working practices; review staff potential and support the business through regular onsite and telephone coaching.

Realising Potential “Sue Yates helped us review everything within the business that was a potential barrier; our directors, our people, our markets and our image. We realised we were stale and ready for change. We all had to hear some home truths about our styles of management and leadership and Sue has delivered unbelievable benefits through restructure, empowerment and education. She has the right gravitas to deliver authority and opened our eyes to the changes we needed to make in order to realise our potential.” says Marc.

“People are now flourishing where before they were sinking.”

The SYP approach • Leadership and employee coaching • Strategy development • Growth Accelerator • Recruitment • HR solutions • Team workshops and facilitation meetings • One to one and group training

“Sue has injected new vigour and excitement into the business through our staff. They have been very quick to adapt to the changes and look to her for support when they are still unsure and this new dynamic has brought huge results already. Sue is a great sounding board and a leveller too. Our staff are keen, happy and ready to come to work each day to make the difference.”

“Empowering people to become part of the change you want to see is vital. Allow people to think for themselves and they will; getting a buy-in from the top down is important and being ready and hungry for change helps too.” Sue Yates