I chose Sue specifically because of her background in recruitment…

I chose my Growth Coach Sue Yates specifically because of her background in recruitment so that when we were talking through issues or looking at strategy she’d already have the base knowledge needed. Sue brought with her insights into different, innovative practices from all kinds of companies and sectors and also helped me see my business with a fresh pair of eyes, which I found incredibly valuable as it’s easy to get stuck in your thinking.

Phillippa Hart
Hart Recruitment

Sue challenges both clients and colleagues…

“Sue is very gregarious and a great sounding board to share ideas and thoughts with, she also challenges both clients and colleagues. Sue is a very personable individual with a wealth of knowledge that she shares with both clients and colleagues to get the most from people.”

Michelle Connor
Leadership and Management Specialist at GrowthAccelerator

Sue has the ability to unravel the most complicated of situations

“Sue has the ability to unravel the most complicated of situations. She inspires and brings out the confidence in your ability you never know you had!”

Dawn Cox
Head of Customer Service Audi UK

Sue has been a vital catalyst for growth…

“Sue has been a vital catalyst for growth at bbe, opening our eyes to the benefits of change and the pitfalls of stagnation.”

Andy Norton
Engineering Recruiter – Passion for CNC Machining, Presswork, Casting & Forging – Senior Engineer & Management roles

Enthusiasm, integrity and a passion…

“Sue works with enthusiasm, integrity and a passion for what she does and this shines through with all she deals with. She is a trusted advisor and mentor and her expertise and knowledge is second to none. Sue has offered me sound business advice over the years and is exceptionally well connected in the business community, enabling me to broaden my network of contact.”

Kate Smith
Marketing and Leasing – Blythe Valley Business Park, Jones Lang LaSalle

Just a few lines to express our gratitude…

“As a result of your input we are clearer and focused in our marketing, have more good quality marketing products and have built our social media profile and outlets considerably. We enjoyed working with you with your flexible and friendly approach.”

Hansa and Simon
AUM Consultancy

Sue took time to understand our needs…

“We work with Sue on sourcing new talent for our group regularly. Sue took time to understand our needs and offered us a prompt and bespoke solution. She is always there to help when we need her.”

Petra Gale
Group Commercial Director at de Banke Group Ltd