Make the most of your team’s natural abilities, develop their skills and offer business coaching to support future growth plans.

SYP offers a range of coaching programmes designed to support business owners and their key employees to make sense of the challenges they face. Using coaching techniques we explore beliefs and behaviours about work, helping to move past barriers and make full use of their natural abilities.

For team leaders: 
Our coaching support can helps deliver outstanding results throughout the business.

For employees:
Coaching inspires you to grasp and achieve specific goals.

Our programmes include:

  • Career Coaching – Supporting key individuals in developing their career which maximises their talents and capabilities; working through career concerns, leading to increased clarity and forward action.
  • Business Coaching – Working with business owners and leaders maximising the potential for growth through strategic development and analysis of risks and opportunities.
  • Leadership Development – Supporting modern business leaders to make sense of the often complex and varied demands placed upon them, helping you create a positive influence within the business.
  • Communication Coaching – Nurturing the natural communication strengths of leaders to maximise your personal and business reputation.
  • Strategic Planning – Working with you to identify risks and opportunities within the business model, putting plans in place to accelerate business growth.
  • Social media Coaching – Social media is a fantastic and largely free resource to help businesses promote their products and services. Our social media coaching shows you how.
  • Succession Planning – Identifying and preparing leaders-in-waiting or spotting gaps in a business’ succession plan, helping you ensure the longevity of your company.
  • Talent Planning – We work with you, as an additional set of eyes, to nurture and challenge talented employees so they remain motivated and engaged.
  • Change Management – Change in business is inevitable, particularly in the on-going economic climate. Some employees adapt easily, others will resist; SYPHR supports businesses in working through the challenges of change to ensure a successful and sustainable outcome.